90% Trade business owners make the mistake of waiting for “weather to warm”

Guest Post by: Jeff Consul , Institute Of Innovation

Marketing Mistakes

This puts you in the position of a high stress April and May staff training, marketing, estimating, and production. This is the worst way to try and launch a profitable year. 
Instead here are the things you should be doing & thinking right now:

1. Start Marketing Now. Reboot the online ads. Pull out the signs. Hire cold callers, start flyering – begin canvasing your neighborhoods early. 3-7 times before they purchase.

2. Remember that 33% of marketing is retaining market share, 33% is getting new clients and 33% is to intimidate your competition, and always keep ’em sweating 😉

3. The big ‘secret’ that that big business’s understand is that homeowners and clients will in fact happily book months and months in advance. This allows for them to budget for a project and put money away (that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford!) as well as allowing them to arrange their summer plans (To be gone on holiday while a reno is going on) Earlier is always better — it allows for follow ups.

4. Connect with all of last years previous customers. Thank them for their business and if they have a corner lot — request to put up your business sign in their front yards for 2–3 weeks while you market. This create momentum for your marketers.

5. You WILL face this objection – ‘But its too early!’ – The best way to handle this is, ‘Actually we do the majority of our expectations, we are doing it right now and we are doing exactly that. It also gives you time to select colors / finishes / styles. (And we’re very busy DURING THE summer) ‘ 
If you start marketing now you can-have 50-60% of your projects booked before May 1st. Imagine how easy hiring staff would be after that. 
Hope this helps!

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