BIG Mistakes business owners make when hiring ‘TOP’ Employee’s

Guest Post by: Jeff Consul , Institute Of Innovation

1.) Skills can be Taught – VALUES CAN NOT. Always first confirm that you would trust them to work on your grandmothers house, or babysit your kids – before you start to see how they handle the tools. People with crappy attitudes and bad values ​​are NEVER worth the effort. Inevitably they find something to externalize about; you’re not paying enough, they do not get enough time off, the gravity is too heavy …

2.) Confirming GRINDABILTY — But don’t ask how hard there last job was. Ask How LONG this hard job lasted, ask why they DIDN’T quit, ask what they LEARNED from this hard job, and how it changed them as a person.

3.) Call References — BUT — ask questions that allow you to see if you were right about their character. Remember that’s what you’re ultimately judging. 70% of the stuff on any resume is going to be questionable/exaggerated. When they worked for you; What were they the most proud of? When were they the happiest? What’s something most people wouldn’t know about them?

Call References

4.) Always remember that doing one or two more interviews is always MUCH less time than retraining anyone. Waiting for the right person, even if their particular skill is less than always going to be let down

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